Thursday, December 13, 2007

Let It Snow!!!

It started snowing in the early morning today and hasn't quit since! We have about six inches outside right now and its not supposed to stop snowing 'til late tonight. Joel didn't make it to class due to the slippery roads but he did make it to work since its only two minutes down the road. Katie was very excited about all the snow and really wanted to go outside and make a snow man. So after Abby had been put down for her nap I bundled Katie up and we went outside to make a snowman!
As soon as we got outside Katie promptly began to eat the snow which is one of her favorite pastimes! I believe when all the cousins went out to play in the snow while we were in Iowa that was all she did the entire half hour they were out there!
So while Katie ate snow I made a snow man for her. I had forgotten how much fun it was to make a snowman! The snow wasn't good packing snow but it wasn't bad packing snow either, it was annoyingly in between! I had to coax it and baby it into place but eventually a nice snowman took shape. Katie would come over now and then to check on my progress and to remind me that we needed to get a carrot for his nose and sticks for his arms. She would also throw little snowballs at me to put on the snowman!

I couldn't decide which smile was cuter so I included both!Katie also went around making footprints, another one of her favorite pastimes! She used to call them paw prints (thank you Blue's Clues!) and discovered she could make them one day when I let her play in the rain! Ever since then if there is any way she can she will make footprints!I love the way her wee little footprints look!So here he is! Our very own Frosty, complete with a carrot nose and stick arms!

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