Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas Preview

So this year after searching the stores we decided that I should make the girl's Christmas dresses. The ones in the stores were so short and most them used black as the primary color, plus even the simple ones seemed overly expensive! So we went fabric shopping! Joel found the green and red check which was ridicoulusly hard to match but he loved it so much I went ahead and got it and kept my fingers crossed I'd be able to match it! We got the lace for the jackets at a different store (JoAnn Fabric's)with a 40% coupon which really kept the cost down! We also got some plain green fabric for the bodice that I thought would go with the red and green check.
When I started making the dresses I was not pleased with the green so I dug through my stash and found the perfect green fabric with litle gold sparkles in it. The dress pattern I got was a lot nicer than the usual ones (JoAnn's had a big sale on their more expensive patterns) and the pattern pieces actually lined up appropriately! Shocking!

So here's a picture of Katie getting in her first fitting once I got the skirt and bodice together. As you can see from the mess on the floor the girls entertained themselves with our button collection while I sewed!And here's Abby! Abby's dress was a lot harder to get the bodice to fit right. Her tummy was much bigger than her chest unlike Katie who has never and probably will never have that problem! So I had to fiddle with the pattern a bit to get the proper fit but it turned out nicely!Here's Katie trying on the ensemble. The lace tickled her and she could barely keep still while I took the picture!Ta-da!! One Christmas dress done for half the price! I was actually able to make both dresses for a little less then one dress would have cost us at the store!Last night I finally got the snaps done and then the outfits were complete! I decided to try and get a good picture of them in front of the tree and here are some of my atempts!You can see I forgot to put the girls tights on at first! They thought this was very funny!In this picture Abby decided she was all done with pictures! So here's the best of the lot and the one you all will be getting in your Christmas card this year!

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Art Kilmer said...

Tell Abbey that I have the same problem, my tummy is much bigger than my chest is too!