Friday, December 14, 2007

Beautiful Wedding!

Here are some promised pictures from the wedding I attended while in Iowa! I was so happy that I was able to go and see my dear old friend Jamie get married! When she first told me about her engagement we weren't sure I was going to make it but then I told Joel there was no way I was going to miss my "bossom friends" wedding, something would work out! So after a lot of praying and trying to refigure our finances my prayers were answered in the shape of a quilt order from my good friend Shanna. The price covered my tickets completely and Joel booked my flights! You can scroll down to the entry "There and Back Again "and read about my experience flying with two small children if you haven't already! :)

We were a wee bit late to the wedding (we got a little lost and lunch took longer then we meant it to!) but slipped in and found seats near the front just in time! The first of the bridesmaids was starting down the aisle when we got to our seats! The ceremony was beautiful! The only light was candle light and everything was sparkly and beautiful! My camera didn't respond to well in the dim light but I did get a couple of shots! Art took this shot, I think it came out quite good! :) Here are Jamie and Zach being announced Mr. and Mrs. Zach Saylor! Art also took this shot of our nut bowl during the reception. He was just goofing off but it came out so good I told him it looked like it belonged in an advertisement! Honestly, isn't it beautiful?!
Here are Jamie and Zach sharing a kiss over their beautiful wedding cake!

And here we are together again! Jamie and I were able to catch up a little during the reception and it was so good to see and talk with her!Don't they make a beautiful couple?! They looked so happy together!Ryan really just wanted the cake that Daddy had promised would be served at the wedding so he was very happy when it came around and tucked right into it!We all stood out in the freezing Iowa cold with hand fulls of birdseed to throw at the happy couple! Some people took a little to much joy in stuffing large quantities of birdseed down the back of poor Zach's tux! Jamie was smart and tucked into a ball as she ran!

After we saw Jamie and Zach drive off in the chariot (a little black car) we went back inside and had a good chat with Jamie's father who was our pastor during our teen years and a great mentor! He and Katie talked while she played with his boutonniere. They discussed her friend Matthew and when Pastor asked her if she was going to marry Matthew someday Katie responded "Yes" in a very sweet, serious way! Abby actually responded well when Pastor Swope spoke to her and even smiled at him! For those of you who know Abby you understand what a big deal that is!
On the trip home the kids were a bit cranky so I broke out the candy Erin had given me for such a time as that which calmed them down a bit. Abby found her leftover chicken nuggets from lunch which kept her happy! The wedding was beautiful and the ceremony lovely! It moved along quickly but didn't feel rushed. I think it was the most beautiful wedding I have ever attended and I am so happy that God provided the funds for me to go! Congrats Jamie!


Art Kilmer said...

Man, I am a great photographer! Ok, I just really love the nuts picture, that's all. Can you send me a copy of it? Full size preferably.

Kimmy said...

Thanks for writing this.