Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Wild Blue Yonder!

Well, in about two hours I will be flying high with Katie beside me and Abby on my lap! I do not like airplanes; they are, in my opinion, hideous deathtraps! Too bad they are so convenient! My dear friend Rachel is praying that Abby and Katie will be such distractions that I won't have time to be nervous! This will actually be my second attempt to fly today, I missed my original flight that was scheduled to take of at 6:15 a.m., well at least that is what we thought. Apparently they changed the departure time to 6:00 a.m. and we missed the plane by five minutes! There was no one at the counter so we had to wait until the plane took off before we could arrange to get a new flight. One of the men from the other counter had pity on us and got us new tickets for a later flight at no extra charge. Praise the Lord for small miracles! Katie was all smiles until we walked back to the car when commented that we had to go home because we couldn't find the plane and now we could not go to Uncle Artie's house. I explained to her that we were going to come back and try to catch another plane which perked her right up. I think our Katie now thinks that a plane is some sort of wild animal that you have to run to, capture, and jump on to get a ride!

When we got home I discovered my asthma meds were sitting on the table and not in my suitcase like they were supposed to be! I have to take them everyday or I get very, very ill so it was another small blessing that I missed my flight! As they say, there is never great loss without some small gain! So I being the optimist, only shed a few tears on the way back home because a later flight meant I would miss my coffee date with my old friend Jamie, while Joel the realist (pessimist!) ranted for a bit at the stupidity of the world in general while we were still in the airport. :) We all went back to bed when we got home and woke up refreshed and much more chipper in spirit. We were just happy that Abby had gone back to sleep! So...I'm about to embark on my second trip to the airport!

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