Friday, November 2, 2007

PJ Day

I haven't had time to blog recently due to my wanting to get the house completely clean and organized before I leave for my trip to Iowa to see my dear old friend get married and visit with my brother and his family. So I set out a little schedule for myself where each day has an assigned task. It goes like this-
Monday:Laundry & Living room
Wednesday: Bathroom & Baking (a weird combination I know but I figured the yummy smells from the baking will cover up the comet/bleach smells which tend to give my hubby migraines!) Thursday: Bedrooms
Saturday:Laundry& Guinea pig cage
Sunday: Rest!
Of course the kitchen gets cleaned every morning, you can't really only do dishes once a week! And of course there are baths, an occasional batch of laundry, and emergency cleans tucked in here and there but my new schedule seems to work pretty well. Yesterday I was very, very proud of myself for getting the girls room completely spotless! Spotless!!! Not one toy on their pink carpet! Katie wanted to play in Abby's crib so I put her and Abby in with some toys and went to work! The girls have some shelves, two toy nets, and a toy box for their things and I organized everything so that each toy has a special place it goes! After I was done I let them play for a few minutes (what is it about putting everything away that makes toys that had been boring that morning suddenly fascinating again?) then I had them pick up and we went downstairs so they're bedroom would stay nice and clean and I could impress my husband! Joel was impressed, the girls room hadn't been that clean since Abby had been born or maybe since before we had moved in!
Today I was plannning on tackling Shanna's quilt and start assembling the top when I dumped my entire cup of coffee on the couch and had to abandon the idea. I didn't just spill it on one cushion, I spilled it on the back which means that most of it splashed down between where the cushions meet the back of the couch which means the bed also got soaked. So I had to to pull out the sofa bed and keep it out so that it could dry and if you've been to my house you know that takes up the entire living room! I decided to make the most of the situation, declared it to be a "PJ Day" ( basically this is a day I don't feel like getting the girls dressed so we stay in our pj's, watch tv, and snack. Usually happens about once a month!) and the girls and I had fun munching on snacks and watching "Super Y" (a new kids program on the public station about reading which has become KAtie's most recent obsession) on the dry part of the bed and then we went upstairs to play. So far they haven't trashed the room to badly and Katie and Abby both like putting things away so clean up should be no problem! :) However I am disturbed that I had to abandon my schedule (at least for today) I love schedules and I love fulfilling schedules and now I feel all adrift with no schedule to follow! Maybe I should make up an emergency schedule for such days as this when I can't complete what is on my normal schedule. I'm sure my hubby is having a good chuckle while he reads this part of my entry...he always does get a good laugh at my OCD behavior!
By the way...I will be blogging about my brother Art's visit out here soon, I'm just waiting for him to send me some pictures. His camera was so awsome we decided just to let him be offical picture taker especially after our camera deisapeared in our van after they arrived! Also coming soon is a few pictures and description of our adventures trick-or-treating with the girls. I guess I could do it today since it's Joel's long day at work and I had to abandon my schedule! So maybe I will but right now its lunch time and I'm a mommy and have to feed my children so 'bye for now!

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