Friday, October 12, 2007

Who Am I?

I read this list of questions on my brother's blog and had to answer them too! I don't know what it is but something in the Kilmer genes will not let us pass up a questionnaire!

1.) Are you really going to waste your time answering the rest of these stupid questions?

2.) Checkers or chess?
Checkers! I've actually gotten a lot better in years past, mostly due to my husband who is an excellent player and has taught me a few things!

3.) Do you like British humor?
Absolutely! Yay for Wallace and Gromit!

4.) What color/pattern/picture was on your sleepwear last night?
Ummm...some pretty blue ones from Target that I love! They have pretty blue embroidery and round woven ribbon buttons on the front and embroidery around the cuffs of both shirt and pants.

5.) Do you sing in the car?
Yep, nice and loud! Especially if it entertains my girls!

6.) Are you a picky eater?
No, but I draw the line at anything that is pure fungi like mushrooms, ick!

7.) Does blood make you squeamish?
Nope, not even a little.

8.) Do you channel surf?
NO! I hate channel surfing! Pick something!

9.) Do you ever pick dirty clothes out of the hamper and wear them again without washing them?
No, ew!

10.) Whistle or hum?
both, but more humming.

11.) If you won $1 million, who would be the first 3 people you would tell?
My brother 'cause he would squeal, then my husband, then probably Joel's parents.

12.) Do you or have you ever seriously collected anything?
Yep, lots of things. I've always collected penguins ,they are my favorite! I've collected old books since I was 15 ( I still remember when I decided too and what book it was I bought and where), and recently thimbles. I decided on my train ride out to Iowa from Washington (1999) to start a collection of something to mark my journey and I decided on thimbles since I like to quilt. My first thimble I bought in Colorado (at a stop where I got brave enough to exit the train!) the next one at the Iowa State Fair. I've tried to get one form anywhere significant we go (I've actually driven my husband quite mad trying to find them).My most unique is a Spam thimble which I got from the Spam Museum on our honeymoon! I also collect tea pots and tea cups because I love tea! All my tea pots and cups decorate my kitchen.

13.) Are we there yet?

14.) Can you Riverdance?
Nope! Anyone who knows me can tell you I am a complete and total klutz so while I wish I could I cannot dance!

15.) What is the best prank/plot/plan you have ever been in on?
:) My favorite is one I pulled on my brother Art! When I was a little girl I gave Art a penny as a present because it was the only thing I had and I rather liked pennies and thought he might like it too. Well, he laughed at me and said it was dumb. I never got over that and waited almost ten years to put my plan into action! I spent most of 1997 collecting pennies and by Christmas I had over 700, with some help from my friends (thank you Swopes!) I wrapped every single one of them, put them in boxes, wrapped the boxes and put them under the tree. Ah revenge! Oh the joy of watching him unwrap those boxes as the truth slowly dawned! Oh the satisfaction of hearing him grumble as he unwrapped each penny in the weeks following! In case you can't tell know I am apt to hold a grudge.

16.) Do you use “Google” as a verb?

17.) What food have you sworn never to eat again?
Liver, ew! Does anyone realise what a liver is used for???!!!!ICK!

18.) Have you ever kept a journal/diary just because you wanted to?
Yep, since I was ten. Its juicy stuff too because I had to have an outlet for my thoughts and feelings. Sometimes I read back over them for a good laugh!

19.) What was the last CD you listened to?
The Muppet's Christmas CD. I know its only October but Christmas is just around the corner!

20.) Checkers or cheese?
Cheese! Cheese Gromit!!!!!!

21.) What is one thing you have done just so you could say you did it?
hmm....quite a few things ; one is my husband and I went to a Spam museum because it was in the town where we stayed the second night of our honeymoon (Austin, Minnesota).

22.) Do you give inanimate objects names?
Yep, as my husband has found out almost everything has a name in my little world!

23.) Who would play you in a TV series?
Well, I'm told I look like Drew Barrymore so I think she would be good.

24.) What is the worst injury or illness you’ve ever suffered?
Let's see, there's so many to choose from! I think the time I sprained my neck and had a concussion was pretty bad. oh yeah, I almost died once (literally) from an allergic reaction to penicillin.

25.) You notice that one piece of a tile pattern has been knocked out of place; what do you do?

26.) Jewelry?
My wedding ring and my Medic Alert bracelet, sometimes earrings.

27.) How do you sleep (e.g. on back, curled in a ball etc.)?
Usually on my left side, I use to sleep on my tummy but being pregnant cured me of that and if I sleep on my back I have nightmares.

28.) Do you own any records, 8-tracks, or audio tapes?
I own some tapes, I want to own some records because there's nothing quite like the sound of vinyl!

29.) Do you remember your first crush?
Yep! And like Art I'm not telling!

30.) What can you do that no one else you know can?
I can tat.

31.) What was the last illegal thing you did?
I stole a pack of gum from the grocery store when I was five (I think, maybe 6) because it seemed ridiculously easy and I was sure I could do it and not get caught. I did and I never got caught.

32. If you could be any superhero, who would you be, and why?
Superman of course! How could you pass up flying?!


Anonymous said...

You forgot to add a question or two of your own!!! That was part of the rules!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I'm over it now.

-Qree-Aytor of Kwhizh

Anonymous said...

What in the world is tatting? And why can you do it?

Anonymous said...

-Postscript Man

Anonymous said...

Hey didnt you drive without a license before?

Anonymous said...

I am curious just what Jesus has to say with this???

My Regards