Monday, October 15, 2007

Questions Answered

Okay, so I had a few questions in the comments from my last blog entry and I thought I should probably answer them.
First question-what is tatting adn why can I do it? Tatting is a craft that is a little like crotcheting. You use a shuttle wound with crotchet cotton and make knot like loops to form lacey pretty things. Its very old fashioned and hasn't been touched by the recent interest of women learning the "home arts". Here are some pictures of the shuttle and some pretty tatted lace. In the first picture the bobbin is next to the shuttle, the bobbin goes inside the shuttle and is what the crochet cotton is wound around.
I can tat because I thought it looked pretty and I wanted to learn something new since I was a little bored with crocheting and knitting. So when I was fourteen I found an old book on tatting, bought a shuttle and went for it!
Next question- Didn't I drive illegaly without a liscense? I had forgotten about that but yes I did! This was when we still lived in Iowa Joel was sick so I drove to HyVee and got some medicine, soup, Gatorade, & baby food (for Katie). On the way home I stopped by the library and picked up a couple of movies for Joel. Yep, henious I know but my Lovey was sick! By the way...I did have my permit so I knew how to drive so it wasn't as illegal as it could have been right? :)

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