Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My Poor Katie!

On Sunday morning I was awakened at quarter 'til seven by Katie coughing. The first thing my brain said to me was "OHNO!" and then as I leapt out of bed the sound of Katie getting sick confirmed my suspicion, the tummy flu. Katie has had the tummy flu a couple of times before but the most she had ever thrown up was three times so I wasn't prepared for the record breaking 27 times in 24 hours! My poor little girl! She went through all of her pj's and all of our blankies at least twice! I have done so much laundry these past three days! The poor girl couldn't keep a thing down all day Sunday, not even Pedialite. I was afraid she would dehydrate which I know I did when I was little and had the flu but a little of the pedialite/apple juice must have stayed because she went potty that night. I have never been so relieved to have someone go potty in my whole life! This may sound silly but I put her in the bath for about an hour because I wanted to try and give her something to eat but didn't want to go through another batch of blankets, so I put her in the bathtub with a little piece of plain cake doughnut. I have never seen anything so sad in my life! She was trembling when she took the piece of doughnut and was so desperately hungry that she put the whole thing in her mouth and then made little happy sounds as she chewed and drank some Pedialite! Sad! I let her sit in the tub for about an hour during which time she did not get sick. I got her out of the tub, got her dressed, dried her hair, got her tucked back on the couch and then of course she threw up! The last time she got sick was 9:00 Monday morning and today she's acting more like her usual self so I think we're in the clear!

Abby was a good girl during Katie's whole sickness and was very curious about the whole throwing up thing. She was very loving to Katie and would pat Katie's back and give her kisses every once and while. She wasn't quite sure why Katie wasn't getting up off the couch but she sure enjoyed having all the toys to herself! She was very jealous of Katie's frequent bath's ( I gave her three because it seemed to settle her tummy) and was overjoyed when I let her take one too! I figured since Abby had played in the sick bowl (I rinsed it out after every time Katie got sick but still, icky!) sharing a bath with Katie couldn't hurt!
Joel was a very good Daddy and even though he too had tummy pains and bone aches went out to the store and bought Pedialite and apple juice. He even went the extra mile and rented Katie a movie (Snoopy Come Home), bought a little Princess Aurora doll, some plain doughnuts, bakery bread, and got me ice cream! What a thoughtful man! Katie loves her little dolly and has been playing with her nonstop! While Joel was gone to the store Katie decided she was going to go play, so I let her crawl off the couch to see what she would do. She crawled onto the little blue quilt that she likes to have when she's sick and laid on it! So sad! She was there when Joel got home and if you look at her hand she is holding Princess Aurora in her hand! After she fell asleep I moved her back to the couch but I had to get a picture first! By the way, the pumpkin she has in the pictures we bought her at JoAnn Fabrics for being a very good girl while we ran all over place shopping. Recently we've taken her places without her stroller and if she's a good girl and doesn't touch anything and listens to us, we get her something small as a reward. :)
So that is how I've spent the past few days, seems like more time has passed since she got sick than just two days! She's fine now and only had to lay on the couch for about twenty minutes because her "tummy was a little icky". Abby shows no sign of being ill and I really hope that lasts!
The day after tomorrow my brother his wife and their two boys will be here for a nice visit! Yay! We can hardly wait!

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