Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Blast from the Past!

So a couple weeks ago I got a big box from my Dad with a bunch of my grandma's old craft projects and magazines. I love getting things that were my grandma's and this box was particularly fun! The magazines were from the 60's, 70's, and 80's and I had a good laugh looking through them! Some of the pictures of what was "in" were so outrageous I just had to share! How did the world ever survive the 60's!?
I also found some lovely things in the box. There were some beautiful quilt patterns and fun kid craft ideas but the reason I love getting my grandma's old things is because they were hers. I love being reminded of what a great lady she was and am honored my family thinks of me when giving out her things! :)

So now onto the fun of peeking into a different era! This first picture is from 1986. I would have been 6 years old, that little girl could have been me!I don't know about you but I would love to crochet my own wedding dress and look like a doily!
This picture featuring three lovely ladies in "merry little washable prints" is from 1971. Scarily enough these are some of the tamer dresses I saw!
This picture of crocheted vests is from 1979
And from here they just get worse! My favorite is the green "Way Out Vest"!
Any takers on that gorgeous red skirt?
The sweater in this picture isn't so bad but I just loved the "damsel in distress" pose with the "oh no!" expression and the manly fireman saving the day! It made me laugh! By the way its from 1966.
This picture is also from 1966. All I can say is What's up with the button? Is it to mark her belly button?
I just love the sass in the first girls stance. I mean how else could you pose in something so outrageous?!
This poor girl is probably very pretty in real life but in that outfit all you can think is Scooby Do! 1969.
Another doily dress! Perhaps for the honeymoon? 1969.And lets not forget about decorating! These two pictures are from a "what can you do with a big wall!" piece from 1973. The other ideas were equally distressing sure to offend all the senses!One of my personal favorites-the wallpaper cape! This beauty is from 1971.
Another beautiful look from 1971, love the head scarf! She could match the teal living room "big wall" idea!
Can't find a sweater you like? No worries, just throw on your crocheted table runner!Or how about that pot holder you couldn't get to come out quite right? 1976.Let's not forget the children! This ensemble from 1971 is sure to get you beat up on the playground!Do either of these children look happy to you? The granny square has been done a great disservice over the years! It just makes you want to weep!
This makes me want to find all neon shades of yarn and burn them!Out of ideas for a Christmas present for the man in your life? How about a crocheted tie? It's very unique and sure to catch everyone's eye!And how about some nice, cozy, stay-at-home fashion when its just you and your sweetie?Nothing is quite as romantic as wearing a blanket that makes you look five hundred pounds heavier than you really are! This lovely idea is from 1973.
To be fair there are some pretty bad things being sold right now that are every bit as terrible as what you've seen above. My proof-these pictures were taken from a craft magazine I got in the mail yesterday! This one isn't so bad, nice color, but its the collar that gets me! It would be beautiful if not for that awful collar! at least its not teal!
So I hope you have enjoyed this blast from the past! If nothing else this could give you some great ideas on what to dress up like for Halloween!

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