Thursday, September 27, 2007


So I was reading my Sister Puppy Fairy Princess in Law's website today and she talked about all the fun, strange nicknames she had for her boys. Well that made me want to blog about the nicknames Joel and I have for our girls! Some fun ones that I have for Katie are...Peach, Sweet Pea, Sweetie Pie, Katiekins, Katie Rose Rose Toes, NeatKnick, OCD Child, and kidlit to name a few. For Abby...Sweetie Pie, Missy May, George(from Curious George), Miss Curious, Abby May May Head, Abby May May, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Muffin Top, Stinky Britches, and Baby Doll. I do refrain from using "Stinky Britches" very often, usually just when her pants match the name. She does have an amazing ability to fill her diaper! Joel calls Abby Squeedunk, I'm not sure why or how he came up with that one but that's Daddy's special nickname for her! Some of the nicknames like Sweetie Pie I use for everyone including Joel (poor man!) but recently Katie has become possessive of some of them so if I call Joel Sweetie Pie she will exclaim in an outraged voice, "No I'm Sweetie Pie!".
I also have special songs for each girl where I change the words to put in their name and of course Abby has the "Abby Cheer" which goes like this "Abby, Abby, Abby! Oi! Oi!Oi!". I came up with that when I was pregnant with Abby and I heard the crowd chanting it at the Olympics whenever an Australian did something cool. Of course that cheer went "Aussie!Aussie!Aussie! Oi!Oi!Oi!". Katie sounds so very cute when she chants the Abby cheer, she always makes me laugh when she does it!Uncle Nathan found a great song with Katie's name in it, I think its way back from WWI era, one of the elderly ladies at church recognized it one day when I was singing it to Katie and said she thought it was written in the 20's.
I love nicknames, and part of the reason we picked out the names that we gave our girls was because they could easily be shortened into a nickname! So anyway, just wanted to share about our girls nicknames!

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