Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Closet of Doom

Hi All! It's been much too long since I last blogged but I have been very busy! My dear friend Shanna surprised me with a visit over Labor Day weekend which was great fun! She even did the dishes while she was here! I've been trying to catch up with all my chores and organizing the girls clothes for the coming chillier days. Thanks to Shanna their wardrobe is all set for the coming winter, yay for Auntie Shanna! :)
The big news is that I finally tackled the Closet Of Doom! I wanted to find my fall decorations and having a messy closet was really bugging my sense of calm so today I moved Katie's bed, flung open the door, and dived in! I sorted through everything! I found some stuff I thought had disapeared forever! I found the girls winter coats and ours. I found Katie's old potty chair and a bunch of left over Christmas wrapping paper. I found the Christmas tree and all our Christmas decorations. I found my old diaries from when I was a teen ( I stopped and read through them which was quite a hoot!) I found old school papers and our diplomas, I found Katie's old Boppy and Abby's old swing, I found the winter blankets and some puppets. I found big empty boxes that I had stashed thinking to use them again for something (I threw those out to make more room) I found Joel's Lord of the Rings action figure and button collection but I did NOT find my fall decorations save one little basket that I had twined fall colored ribbons around to make it pretty. Now I have to go through my craft/game closet again to see if I stashed them in there and forgot. Sigh! It never ends! Though my mind is now not troubled by thoughts of an untidy closet and I can rest easier so it wasn't a complete waiste of time. Plus, I got to read all about how Joel and I fell in love from the diary I kept while in college! I recommend that if you kept a diary when you met your future spouse you should read through it every now and then, makes you realize why you fell in love all over again!
For my next entry I'll write all about Shanna's exciting visit and even include pictures but for now I must go start dinner and check the laundry!

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Art Kilmer said...

Ah, you found your diary. I remember the day that mom and I found your diary, too. My, what good laughs we had that day...