Friday, August 17, 2007

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Last night we took the girls to their first ever baseball game. We got free tickets from some very nice elderly people at church who have season tickets and occasionally give them out to us younger folk! It was for the Yankee's training team or something and they were playing against the Syracuse Chiefs. We were high up , about three rows from the very top but we had an excellent view of the field because the seating was so steep that if you stood up and jumped you would clear the railing and plummet to the field! I told Joel anyone with vertigo problems should never ever sit there! The girls were fascinated by the whole experience! Katie loved being so high up, she loved the noise, the music, and the yummy Cracker Jacks Daddy bought! Abby liked the noise, the bright colors, and the yummy treats too. We left after the 6th inning because Abby was fidgety and kept trying to leap over the heads of the people and into the field. The game was tied 6-6 when we left but I hope the Yankees lost, I can't stand the Yankees! BOOOOOOO Yankee's! We cheered for the other team the whole time and cheered all the louder when we heard people behind us mumbling how they hated it when people bought tickets and came to the game just to cheer against the Yankee's. We have tickets for Monday's game too that Joel got for free from work and those seats are in the first row where we can rest our feet on the Yankee's dugout. We plan to cheer the opposing team then too. Maybe I'll get a ball thrown at me!
The best part of the night was when the mascot heckled one of the coaches into dancing. "Champ" the big, blue, Grover-like mascot would do a dance move and then smack at the coach playfully until the coach copied him. The coach was rather halfhearted at first but then he got into it and matched Champ move for move. The moves that the man inside the giant furry costume was doing were pretty impressive for a guy inside a large, furry suit! The last dance moves he pulled were very cool and after he had carried on a few minutes he strutted around thinking he had won. Then the coach busted out a long series of complicated, well executed dance moves including the moon walk and then ended it with a back flip. The crowd went wild and Champ admitted defeat. They played the coaches final dance again and again on the big screen, it was pretty fun. Katie loved watching the mascot and cheered and laughed whenever he came out.
Katie could have happily stayed for the entire game but like I said Abby was getting suicidal so we left. We stopped by the gift shop on the way out to pick up a souvenir to remember the night by since I had forgotten my camera. We hated giving the Yankee's the business or having anything in our house that has the Yankee logo on it but you know you have to have a souvenir, plus everything was 25% off. So we got Katie a pink baseball bat pen which she loves! So that was our fun, fun night!

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