Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rained Out!

Last night we were supposed to be at a baseball game (Yankees minor league team) but it had rained steadily all day so it was cancelled. We had gotten a babysitter for the girls and were going with another married couple to enjoy the fun of the ball park. We got there, trudged through the rain and mud, found our seats right above the dugout and then noticed we were surrounded by a sea of empty seats. The board said the game delay was "to be announced" which meant there was a 50/50 chance the game was going to be cancelled. So we trudged back inside the vending area of the stadium to wait it out. After about a half hour it was announced that the game would be postponed to the following night which would then be a double header. Our tickets were still good, we would have the same seats for the first game but not the second. Joel was okay with that, he didn't really want to sit through two games! After the game was called off the announcer went to the field which was covered by a huge white tarp and said it was time for the vendors to get wet! They used the field tarp as a giant "slip-n-slide" and had a contest to see which vendor could slide the farthest! It looked like so much fun! They looked like penguins skidding along on their bellies like that! :) After we watched their shenanigans we decided since the night was young and we had the babysitter all night we would go out and get something to eat. I had had my heart set on a bloomin' onion (a very yummy treat where the onion gets its ends chopped off, dipped in batter, then deep fried and served with a buffalo ranch dipping sauce, yum!) and I was very sad that I had eaten a light lunch and skipped dinner so I could revel in the fattening treat and not worry about all that fat because now my tummy was rumbling for fatty food! So we decided to try this pizza place close to our house that our friend had tried and said was yummy. The pizza was amazing and almost made up for the missed bloomin' onion! We got a small pizza with extra cheese and bacon and I tell you I have never seen such a big small! It was almost the size of a large pizza! We ate and talked until nine and then decided since the waitress' were vacuuming around us we should probably leave. It was so weird coming home and not having to put the girls to bed! I felt so out of touch that I did the dishes so I could have some of my night routine back! So even though we did not get to see the ballgame we had a very good time just chatting with married people our age with no little ones to cut food up for or take potty! And tonight we're going to try again but its been raining all morning so who knows!

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Art Kilmer said...

OK, you have to take me there to eat if/when we come out to visit you!!!! I love pizza. I'd drive out there just to eat there with you.