Friday, July 27, 2007

Dangerous Things That I Have Done

So I'm copy-cating again! My dear Brother Art posted a list "Dangerous Things That I have Done" and I decided it would be fun to list some of mine too!

1. At camp I decided to do an impression of a penguin belly-flopping off the dock into the water. I forgot I was wearing a life perserver...I honestly thought I had broken my neck!

2. I went on a roller coaster at Cedar Point...I went on more than one..and the power tower thing. I actually had an asthma attack on the tower thing when we got about 1/2 way up and I realized that we were only half way up and you could see the entire state and we were going to have to go back down at some point really, really fast. I hate roller coasters!

3. I one time decided that 11:30 p.m. was a great time to talk to my husband about having another baby. He did not agree.

4. When I was fourteen I played football with a bunch of guys twice my size and ended up with a concusion and a sprained neck. Haven't played football since!

5. I decided I wanted to give birth..twice!

6. I was in a lot of "who can hold their breath the longest" contests. I'm sure I destroyed a third of my brain cells since I am stubborn and refused to lose! I still hold the record amongst my old buddies! Two minutes and thirty seconds!

7. I worked in the dishroom at Dining Services my freshmen year. Imagine me washing sharp knives on a slippery floor while running a very, very big dishwasher....scary!

8. A couple months ago I decided that it would be okay to go into the mall with the girls without strollers while we shopped for clothes. Big, big mistake!

9. When I was twelve I was sick of not knowing how to swim and having to wear those stupid, orange "arm floaty" things so I decided to learn how to swim by just jumping in the deep part of the lake and letting my body figure it out. Fortunately it worked!

10. I went inter-tubbing down a snowy mountain with a bunch of my friends when I was sixteen ..sprained my wrist but itwas tons of fun!

11. I used to let bumble bees crawl on my hand just to freak my brother out. They actually felt very soft and I never got stung!

12. I watched while my brother chucked rocks at a hornets nests; got eleven stings!

13. I cook! :)

So as you can see I'm not really a "take my life into my own hands and go spelunking" kind of person. My husband will tell you its dangerous living with me since I can get hurt and hurt others in the most unusual ways. His favorite example: I have shut my ear in the door three different times. :)

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