Monday, July 30, 2007

Beautiful Quilts!

For our Fifth Anniversary Joel surprised me with a trip to Lancaster county, I was delighted! I have always wanted to go there and see the quilts the Amish make. The quilts were beautiful! I was blown away by the craftmenship! I was so pleased to see someone put in the effort and time to do them right! So I've posted a few pictures of the beautiful quilts we saw and a couple of my own just for fun. I didn't take pictures inside any of the shops but I did get a couple shots of the quilts hanging up outside. They are amazing!

So this first picture is one of my quilts that I made for my brother Art and his wife Erin. The pattern is called "Hunter's Star" which one of my favorite patterns. Joel wanted to try it out first to see if it was any good! :)
Here's the first quilt I ever sold! It is a baby "Trip around the World" quilt and it was ordered by one of Joel's co-workers.

Here's another "trip around the world" lap quilt I made just for fun. That pattern is also one of my favorites!
Here's a picture of Katie (taken a long time ago!) snuggling under a "Roman's Road" baby quilt that I made as a show piece for prospective customers. For some reason Katie loves to cuddle under that quilt when she doesn't feel good!Here's a quilt I made for Joel's 25th birthday. It's a full size sampler quilt. The pattern I sketched out after seeing the quilt on a bed at the place we were staying when Joel pulpit supplied. He liked it so much that I decded to try and make it for him! He was very surprised and pleased!The quilt hanging up I made for Katie for her first birthday. It's a baby applique of my own design, hand stitched. Here is a pic of the full size quilt that I made a few years ago. Abby liked to play on it before she learned how to crawl!Here's a picture of the "Grandmother's Flower Garden" lap quilt I made for Grandma Perry last Christmas. It is entirely hand stitched, no machine ever touched it! I wanted to show her how special she was by making her the hardest quilt I could think of! :) Plus I liked the name, I thought it suited what I wanted perfectly!Okay and now here are the few quilts form Lacnaster that I managed to get pictures of! I wish you all could see them up close, you would be blown away by the intricacy of the stitches and how perfectly matched the corners are! Remember, they are all completely handstitched!

This first one is an applique quilt that was on our bed at the Mennonite bed and breakfast we stayed at. the top stitching was amazing!

Here's a picture of the applique wall hanging that was also in our room. The peacock tails were unbelievable!Here was Joel's favorite quilt of all the ones we saw. Isn't it incredible?! Look at those beautifully sharp points!!!Here is the "Double Wedding Ring" which is a pattern I've always wanted to try but the pattern for it is very hard to find and usually very expensive to buy. Joel bought me an Amish quilt book while we were there and when I was looking through it I discovered this pattern! I can hardly wait to give it a try!
These next few are a little harder to see because I took them from the road and had to crop the pictures.Joel thought this pattern was pretty cool too!This one is called "Amish Ocean Wave" and I had never seen the pattern before. You can't find the pattern for sale anywhere I've discovered, so I sketched up one based on it. One of Joel's co-workers wants a queen size and she loved that pattern so I designed it for her, right now the working title for it is "Abby's Wave". I don't have a picture yet and won't for a long while but I'll be sure to share once I do! :)Okay now I have to rant a little. It seems like women today are so wrapped up in finding quicker ways to quilt that the quality of the quilt suffers. I see quilts for sale and in magazines represented as the persons best work and I shudder at the corners and points! I know I am obsessive but come on, at least try and get your corners to match up! Everyone thinks faster is better but it isn't always! And then there are those bargain Wal-Mart quilts, I can't even look at those! I could go on and on but then I'd have to start using technical quilting terms that would bore you! Just remember - everything you do deserves to be done right!


Art Kilmer said...

Hm, that sure is a nice quilt you made for Erin and me....when do I get to see it? :-) WOW, by the way, your quilting is amazing! I like the one you did for Joel with all those tree thingys on it. You are a much better quilter then mom was! That should make you happy....

Art Kilmer said...

Oh, I'm so embarrased. We do have the quilt after all. I didn't see all those little snow men on it and stuff. In fact, I covered Sammy up with it last night because he was really cold, and then I gasped as I realized it was the quilt that I had thought I had lost! Im not such a bad brother after all! Yay me!

Growing Alone said...

Karen, This is Erin's sister. I just adore all of your quilts. I'd love to ask you some questions about them such as how do you get your squares to line up so perfectly? Have you taken a class? Any tips for a beginner? Feel free to e-mail me if you so choose...