Monday, July 23, 2007

Abby's Appointment

So today was Abby's doctors appointment to make sure her hips are not asymetrical. Our pastor's wife Lynelle was nice enough to watch Katie for us who loves going over there to play with her three kids Matthew (4yrs), Chris (almost 2), and Bethany(7 months). "Mackey" (Katie's pronounciation of Matthew) is Katie's best friend. It was very rainy today (which made me homesick for Washington) so it was nice and cool for the two-hour car ride to the specialists. We were taken back very quickly, got one x-ray taken, the doctor came in moved Abby's legs around looked at the x-rays said we have nothing to worry about just to watch in case she starts to limp and that was it! We were pleased! Another little miracle of the day was that we discovered we had left Abby's favorite dolly in the office before we even left the parking lot! :) We had an uneventful trip home and though Katie wanted to stay at Mackey's house she didn't throw a fit when we left which we were also happy about! :) We praise God that Abby's condition was not serious enough to cause any problems with her developement! Thank you all for your prayers!


St. Artie the Odd said...

It sounds like you made a really long car trip for a very short doctors appointment. Isn't that fun? I'm glad to hear that everything worked out ok though, as I know you don't like it when things aren't symmetrical. :-)

St. Artie the Odd said...

By the way, I love your penguin pet bloggy. I have figured out how to push him off the ice berg into the water. I have also found out that if you click on the fish to feed him, and as it goes up into the air, if you push on bloggy again, he misses the fish and it splashes into the water. Hahahaha, the little hungry penguin thinks he's gonna eat!