Wednesday, July 18, 2007

13 Things You Didn't Want to Know About Me

So my brother-in-law Nathan started this and I've decided to be a copy cat and do it too! :) So here we go into the strange world of an OCD girl!

1. I am obsessed with the number 27. It follows me around! I started noticing this phenomenon when I was about eight. I was born on the 27th at 8:27 am after 27 minutes of labor! Katie was born at 5:27 p.m., Joel's employee number where we first met was 27. See what I mean? I could go on and on!

2. I have lots of people say I look like Drew Barrymore or Mellissa Joan Heart. go figure!

3. I have a lot of scars; a lot! Since my dear brother mentioned the one I gave him I'll mention the one he gave me. Its on my right arm right below a rather embarrassing and much bigger scar. Its long and thin, he scratched me while we were playing basketball when I was thirteen. At least his scarring of me wasn't malicious! So I bet you want to know about the embarrassing scar. Okay, my husband delights in this story because it kinda sums up my klutziness. So I was like 6 and I was walking along the sidewalk between our house and the neighbours when I tripped over absolutely nothing and landed in dog poop. Yep, DOG POOP! I got a terrible owie on my wrist where I had torn off lots of skin and now I have an inch-and-a-half scar to always remind me of exactly how klutzy I am. :) I also have an appendix scar.

4. I have a birthmark by my belly button. Its oval and white. Does anyone else notice the shocking lack of birthmarks now-a-days? Abby and Katie don't have any and most of the babies I took care of at the daycare didn't either!

6. Okay nicknames, I've had a bunch mostly to do with my klutziness. Bump (from my Uncle Darwin) Gimp (from my Opa), Graceful (not sure who started that one but I thought it was rather mean!) KK (from my doctor 'cause my initials then were KK), Brain (kids at school from 'Pinky and the Brain'), Care Bear (from Art), Lovey (from my husband) , Half Pint (from my Dad)and my very most favorite Sister-Puppy-Fairy-Princess (from my brother Art). I think I've had more but I can't remember them all. The only one I absolutely DO NOT allow is Carry.

7. I'm not really sure which memory is my first, I have a lot of fuzzy early memories. I remember standing in my room at the apartment we lived in before moving into the house. I was looking at my pretty flowered undershirts. I think my earliest memory is of plotting to escape from Sunday school the first time I went. Mom said I was two-and-a-half. I remember getting pulled away from her and taken to a small room with a large stack of chairs. I sat in the lap of a lady (Miss Rosy) and while someone prayed I remember thinking exactly how I could get out of the room. There was a lock at the top of the door that was out of my reach so I thought if I could get off the lady's lap and get to the chairs I could stack them in front of the door, climb up, undo the lock, and escape, But before I could put my plan into action prayer time ended. So I think that's my earliest memory. I must have been a fun child to have in Sunday school! :)

8. When I was little I had problems pronouncing "r" and "w". I didn't really bug me until third grade when a substitute teacher Mrs. Pennington made me stand up in front of the class and say the word "three" until I said it correctly. After that I avoided saying words with "r's" or "w's". If I had to say a word with those offending letters in them I would just skip the sound altogether. I also got in trouble a couple times for saying a swear word when I tried to say the word "shirt". I never got truly punished though once the teacher realized my impediment! I finally conquered most of my impediment by the age of thirteen but to this day I still cannot pronounce some words. Roar, drawer, flowering, towering are a few words on my "avoid saying at all cost" list. My husband thinks its funny to have me say this - "Flowering, towering tree" I try very hard because it makes him laugh but I can never say it correctly!

9. I was apart of the Mitchell farce "Pong Wars" which we filmed the summer Joel and I got engaged. I mostly ran the camera but I had a few bit parts as "Queen Armadillo". I think Nathan has a copy of it if your curious.

10. I too am a paperpackrat, I have stuff from when I was a baby. Recently I have had to force myself to consolidate my stash, it was very traumatizing!

11. I have a dent in my ear that makes it look pointed. Joel calls it my pixy ear. Its not from birth, I got it when I was thirteen and shut my ear in a door. Yep, that's right, I shut my ear in a door! It turned all black and blue and I broke the cartilage so now its pointed. In case you're wondering it REALLY, REALLY hurts to get your ear shut in a door!

12. I usually imagine stories while I wait, I did it more when I was younger. I dreamed up all sorts of grand adventures! I sometimes count by twos, then fours, then eights, then sixteens, then thirty-twos...etc. Now I usually run through a "things I have to do before the house completely explodes" list while I wait. I also drum my fingers but if I do I have to drum them in groups of threes. If I pass three I must continue to five, if I pass five, eight is okay too but only in emergencies. I do not like ten, eleven, or twelve, they make me hostile. I like to do three groups of three ,three times which of course equals 27! Also when I eat something that can be counted (like M&M's) I have to end eating them on a three, five, or eight. Also when I spit out my gum I have to give three last chews, I HAVE to. This number obsession goes deep! :)

13. Okay now for my dream. I don't have to many recurring dreams. Most of my dreams are in movie format where I'm watching myself but I'm hardly ever myself; I'm the main character in whatever story my brain decides to do that night. My dreams have soundtracks, (weird, I know!) I think its all original music, I never recognize it as any musical score yet written. Usually my dreams are dramatic and have some degree of romance. I usually have to rescue someone, some city, or sometimes the world in general. If I have to be rescued I usually have a hand in it. Sometimes they're just a happy story about a girl growing up. I use to write my dreams down for fun. Like my brother I might have a hero complex. I wanted to be Luke Skywalker when I was a kid. Whenever we played Star Wars I always had to be Leia which I thought was lame. In case you curious it was my older brother Ken (playing Darth Vader)who gave me that concussion not Art.

So there it is, my very own weird thirteen list! :)


BLABLA said...
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Art Kilmer said...

Hey, sis, cool blog. I also don't like words with R's in them. That's a reason why I call my wife Schnooky instead of Erin. One time I had this dream with you in it, and we were fighting the bad guys. We both had guns in each hand, and it was fighting like in the Matrix. We even had sunglasses. At the end of the dream, we blew something up, and then when the smoke cleared, we were sitting there with soot all over our faces, our hair sticking up. I looked at you and you looked at me, and I said, "D**n, but that was FUN!" It tramatized me that I swore in my dream.